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The Butterfly-farm in Mindo

The Butterfly-farm in Mindo

Two hours from Quito, Mindo is one of the main ecological destinations in Ecuador. 19,200 protected acres surrounding Mindo making it one of the most biodiversity places on the planet. Mindo is a very famous place among birdwatchers. Around 500 varieties of birds and about 40 kinds of butterflies can be found here.

Butterfly-farm in Mindo     Butterfly-farm in Mindo       Butterfly-farm in MindoButterfly-farm in Mindo

Mindo was known internationally as “Life of Bird” or “Important Bird” in America, for its exceptional flora & fauna, considered vital for the development of ecotourism.

Mindo is one of the favorite cloud forest tourist destinations in Ecuador.
One of the attractions is the Butterfly-farm where you can enjoy the full contact with nature and have the opportunity to know the whole process of metamorphosis of butterflies, which consists of 4 stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. You can also see a wide selection of them, like the eye of an owl, Morphos, sarita, among others.

Butterfly-farm in Mindo      Butterfly-farm in Mindo


Butterflies are very diverse in size, being from 2 mm to 30 cm.
Entry to the Butterfly-farm: 3 USD